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- About DMCA Rules -

1.1 Some Of The Countries Are Not Listed in DMCA Rules , Please Before You Purchase An Server Check If The Country is Listed or Not.Any Kind of DMCA Abuse Will Be Forwarded To The Client if The Client Dont Respons within 1-2 hours the server will be suspended and the money will not be refunded.

- General Rules -

1.1 Every server and cPanel webhosting are prohibited for : phishings , malwares , rat , spamming , botnets and any kind of viruses , also mining , crypto mining , hardware or cpu node abuse are prohibited.Every kind of abuse that is received from the datacenter hosting providers will be forwarded to the Client if The Client Dont Respons within 1-2 hours the server will be suspended and the money will not be refunded.

1.2 Based on the internet general rules every client has rights to have an cloud server age its not restricted.Servers are allowed for gaming too , web hostings , programming , virtualizating , and many other kind of use.

- Licensing About Servers -

1.1 Special request clients can attach its own license.
1.2 Linux OS Are Open Source and Licensing not needed for : Centos 6.5 , Centos 7.
1.3 cPanel Webhosting dont need any kind of License the price will be includes on the package.
1.4 We offer WHM installation for free but the license should be provided from the customer.

- Payments Method  & Refunds -

1.1 We Accept The Following Payments Method : PayPal , PerfectMoney , and Bitcoins.
if the payment method is via Bitcoin and PerfectMoney the order will be processed in shortly and providing to the client.
For Bitcoins and PerfectMoney the amount will not be refunded to your account the amount will remain into the Client Area Balance this is due our exchanger fees.
1.2 We accept Paypal only if your Registered PayPal Account matches your client account with us. 


- Data Protection and Backups -

1.1 We dont do automatic backups for our clients any kind of operating system crash or mistakly deleted something from your server will not be recovered back up so please save your data in your safe place.
Also we are not allowed to request personal identification like passports , ids every client has rights to register an account with us.

- VPS & cPanel Protection -

1.1 VPS Passwords are not recoverable due security reasons please keep them into an safe place.
1.2 cPanel WebHosting Passwords are recoverable you can recover and change the password at anytime.
1.2 Please Dont use weak passwords like : 1234 , password , 123456789 etc.. use more complex password with characters etc...

- About us-

1.1 we work since 2008 with networking , virtualization , programming , webhosting , whm hostings , cpanel hosting , and many other services the owner is certified in Cisco Network CCNP-4  Grade & eXpert IT Support and is Friendly open with all kind of issues from the client.

- Confirm Rules -

1.1 If you confirm those rules then hurry up lets order perfect server for your perfect work better work  for better future together.

Greets From HostRDP.Net.

Note : 
The rules are based on the Datacenter Where the Servers Are Hosted.




Friday, March 22, 2019

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